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The source of wooden toys _ why wooden toys are popular and the advantages of wooden toys

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Wooden toys are a large category of toys, with a long history, dating back more than 1,700 years. The earliest beginnings were in the Bechgarden and Shangburg regions in Germany. Carved small animals in batches and shipped them to Nuremberg for sale at a good price. , Wooden realistic wooden crafts and wooden crafts are popular with people and sold to the whole western world through Nuremberg.
After 1800, these small wooden toys began to have handmade workshops, ranging from a few inches to a few feet in height. Originally (about 1400 AD) appeared as Christmas decorations. Later it developed into a complete set of wooden toys called zoos, the most famous of which is Noah's Ark toy.
Among the earliest wooden toys, the most popular are the images of various types of horses, such as Trojan horses and Trojan horse drag toys. Over time, enthusiasm for the production of Trojan horses has continued unabated and has been popular ever since. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Trojan horses were popular in Europe and North America. At that time, the popular Trojan horses were carved. A semi-circular piece of wood was attached to the horse's body. Later, wheels were installed under the horse to become a tricycle. Kind of toy too.
The wooden toy formed by the horse and other animals becomes a wooden drag toy when it is fitted with wheels. This type of wooden drag toy is still one of the hot-selling varieties in the toy market and has been favored by consumers. Due to the change of the times, its content has also changed. Pure trojan horse drag toys have developed into wooden drag toys for trains, ships, cars, and even airplanes, showing the prosperity of wooden toys.

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